Know Some Interesting Facts About Machine Vibration

Vibration monitoring machine

In an engineering parlance, a vibration is considered to be a back and forth movement or oscillation of the installed machines or discrete components like the drive motors, pumps, compressors and so on. As per, an excess vibration noticed in any industrial equipment seems to be a sign of some trouble. As indicated at vibrations in any motorized equipment have some tolerance levels as anything that is moving or rotating produces vibrations as some repeated forces are acting on it is some form of the movement.

However, a vibration at access level can also become a source of trouble for the entire machine or some parts in the machine. For example, an excess vibration of a crankshaft on a moving car is quite dangerous as it can create road accidents. Read this short article to know more about the vibrations that occur on the motorized equipment.

Vibration monitoring program
As said earlier, a vibration is said to be a mechanical oscillation that affects every rotating or moving machine. As long as these vibrations are acceptable levels, they will not cause any undue concern to the normal operations of the machines. Here, the real question lies in determining the acceptable level of vibration of the machine that produces vibrations. In this context, the concerned engineer can judge the difference between the acceptable level of vibrations and the level of vibrations. Such tests are primarily done by using the ‘vibration tester’ which is the right tool to check the vibration frequency of the equipment.

All types of vibrations are measured in terms of oscillations per second namely the ‘frequency’ per second or minute. Manufacturers of the electrical or mechanical machines specify the normal frequency of the vibrations in their product manuals. This frequency varies from machine to machine. So one can find the excess vibrations by using the ‘tester’ tool and accordingly take corrective action as soon as the machine operators notice the vibrations.

Facts about vibration
Vibration is not always an issue when it comes to some machines which are essentially designed to vibrate at some level. Equipment like oscillating Sanders, vibratory tumblers uses vibration for their operations to remove materials and to finish the surfaces respectively. Hence a vibration is essential to make few machines productive. In the construction industry, vibratory rollers are widely used to compress asphalt in highway paving. In few cases, the aspect of vibration seems to be an inherent feature of the machine design, where the vibration is not at all cause for concern.

When vibration becomes an issue?
Many engineering devices are designed to function smoothly without much vibration. When it comes to new installations, care has to be taken by the engineers that the machine is rightly installed and fixed. At times poor installation can also make the machine to vibrate. On the other hand, older gadgets due to aging and few worn out parts can cause vibration. Such vibrations are to be attended quickly; otherwise heavy vibrations when ignored can cause damages not only to the machine but also to the operators.