Interesting Facts About Red Wine

Red wine can be described as a type of wine that is created from a darker variety of grapes. The color of red wine usually ranges from violet to brick red to brown, depending on the age of the wine. The juice extracted from purple grapes is a green-white color, whereas the red coloring pigments are found in the skin of the grapes. This is why red wine is produced by extracting components from the grape skin. Red wine can be stored safely in cool wine coolers to keep t at a suitable temperature before serving. There are several models available at different prices at

Here are few interesting facts about red wine that might surprise you:

· Small Doses Are Better Than None
According to recent studies, it has been established that drinking smaller doses of red wine is much more beneficial to your health than restraining from it completely. This is because of the presence of antioxidants in red wine. These antioxidants help reduce your risk of heart troubles mortality and even type-2 diabetes. However, you need to make sure that you drink red wine in moderation to get the actual benefits from it.

· Polyphenols All the Way
Wine consists of a lot of polyphenols including tannin and over five thousand plant compounds. These have been found to restrict the building up of cholesterol in your blood vessels, thereby reducing your risk to cardiovascular troubles. Procyanidins, which are abundantly found in red wine has also been found in dark chocolate and green tea.

· Choose The Right Red Wine
Each red wine is different. You need to pick one out that works best for you and your body. Make sure that you choose a red wine with a lower alcohol level since they have been observed to be better for your body. Another important fact is that red wines that have a higher tannin count are better than those with a lower count.

· When Young Is Good
Young red wine has been found to be better than old red wine since it contains higher tannin levels. Although old wine tastes much better, it would be a good idea to sick to the younger wines to keep your body healthy and safe.

· Red Wine Ages Better Than White Wine
The presence of tannins in red wine helps it age longer than white wine. This is why red wine can be preserved for a much longer time than white wine. The tannin in the red wine can even be used to determine how long the wine will take to age as well. It is also possible to make white wine from red wine grapes by using only the juice extract and discarding the grape skin.

· Older Wine Changes Color
As wine starts aging, it starts becoming lighter in color. This is why old wines have been observed to almost pale or translucent in color. The red color of wine comes from a pigment found in the grape skin. So depending on the skin color, young red wine can also be of varying colors.